As the weather warms up, days get longer, the flowers start to bloom and the colours emerge. Get out the winter rut and head into the garden again, consider Forsythia Lynwood with its rich and vibrant yellow blooms with a contrasting stem, providing instant interest; Hamamelis (witch hazel) has striking shredded yellow or red blooms; and Skimmia Rubella with its red berry like appearance that burst into highly scented white flowers in late spring, bees also love them too. If you’re looking for a climber, we recommend Akebia Quinata (chocolate Vine) with its appealing vanilla scented maroon flowers create an interesting focal point in any garden.


Look out for

Forsythia Lynwood Gold

Skimmia Rubella

Chaenomeles Pink Lady

Ribes Sanguineum Pulborough Scarlet

Prunus Kojo no mai

Akebia Quinata

Hamamelis (witch-hazel)