Plant Library: Dicentra ‘Bleeding heart’


Striking late spring flowering perennials are easy to grow and look attractive anywhere, particularly a cottage style garden. Pink hearts shaped flowers with white tips hang on an arch with delicate fresh green leaves.

Plant from March onwards and flowering from April till June, as its one of the earliest to flower, it’s best planted amongst late flowering plants or evergreen shrubs as the foliage does start to die back after flowering to maintain interest in your beds and borders.

Clumps of Dicentra remain compact for some time, so no dividing needed if you are wanting to spread it, its best to take a cutting in spring as they have brittle roots and dislike being moved.

Dicentra prefers a sunny spot in the garden with moist soil, but can grow in light shade.


PLEASE NOTE: Dicentra has had a name change as of 2011, They are now called Lamprocapnos spectabilis!