Plant Library: Camellia

Each week we will be picking a plant to showcase and tell you how to care for it so check back and enjoy.


A very traditional English favourite complementing any garden, bringing an abundance of colour in late winter and early spring with large, showy double and single flowers in white, pinks and reds perfect for beds, borders and containers. This evergreen woodland shrub prefers a sheltered and dapple shade position but can been grown in a sunny spot if carefully watered. When planting in beds and bordered Camellias need free draining, acidic soil with plenty of organic material incorporated in the soil such as leaf mould or if you’re planting in a container use an acidic soil such as Gro-Sure ericaceous compost with 4 months feed £5.99 or 2 for £10.


Camellia in variety £39.99 each, the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.